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Friday, 23.03.2018

OpenVPN 2.2 stable


OpenVPN 2.2.2

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OpenVPN 2.3.0-stable

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Thank you for your interest in our association!

On this page you will find informations about OpenVPN e.V., our goals and how to become a member.

What goals does the association persue?

Our most important goal is the strengthening of the OpenVPN community in general. To reach this goal, we plan to expand and enlarge our current services:

  • a multilingual board,
  • a multilingual knowledge base,
  • the integration of the existing components in a uniform online platform, as well as
  • improvements in reliability and performance of our services.

Furthermore we stand in for a better spreading of OpenVPN in hardware and software solutions:
OpenVPN is already used by a huge number of enterprises of every size and complexity as well as by thousands of home users. While OpenVPN got those high success rates, there are only a few hardware and software solutions that integrate or extend OpenVPN on the market.
Hence, we try to establish a better communication channel for OpenVPN developers and products that utilize OpenVPN. One of our sponsored project is Zerina, an IPcop OpenVPN plugin, with free support in our board and knowledge base.

When was the founding date of the association?

The association was founded officially on December, 18th 2008 and will be registered offically in the first quarter of 2009.

Who are the members?

Our members are individuals and enterprises.

What obligations arise from a membership?

Basically none. However, we are glad about any help beyond the membership fee.

What advantages arise from a membership as individual?

Several reasons speak for a membership as an individual:

  • The good feeling to have made a small community larger and stronger
  • If desired, topics of our members posted in the boards are highlighted and will be handled with higher priority.
  • Invitations to non-public meetings (primarily in IRC) about OpenVPN, networks and other topics.

What advantages arise from a membership as enterprise?

For your enterprise a membership can be a great deal. You may get in contact with other companies in the area of network and security technology.

What happens with the collected membership fees?

The association OpenVPN e.V. is a charitable association.
The whole financial means are used exclusively to strengthen the community and maintenance of our infrastructure. The budget plan for the current year is set up by the general meeting.

How much is the membership fee?

For the year 2009 the membership fee is 100 euros. We issue an invoice for your paid fee on demand.

How can I or my company become a member?

Please fill out the registration form (Downloads), sign it and send it to us. However, please be aware that you can join only as a passive member at the moment.

Any questions ?

Please use our contact form or send us an email if you still got some unanswered questions.